Batman Arkham Night Game

All the game lovers worldwide would have brought the Batman Arkham Night game and some of them would have finished playing all levels also. This is one of the most anticipated game of 2015 and is published by Warner Bros. The game is currently available in Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC formats. Batmobile has been introduced in this game which can be used for transportation or combats. PC format is currently withdrawn due to some performance issues.

Arkham Night introduces Dual Play where we can switch control of Batman to one of his allies. Lot of challenges are introduced which includes collecting trophies, disabling traps to name a few. Some of the opponents which Batman has to face are Scarecrow, Two-Face’s, Riddler, etc. The game was supposed to be released on October 2014, but got delayed and was released on June 2015.

For all the customers who had purchased the Windows version, Warner Bros was offering refunds to them and also they had released a new patch where some of the flaws were rectified.

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Buy One, Get One Offer in Online Shopping

Nowadays a lot of offers are floating in offline and online stores. Ramadan is a month where crazy offers are provided to the customers. Offers vary from product to product and we can usually see more than 50% OFF for Fashion products. The mostly purchased products are Electronics where customers tend to buy new mobiles or tablets during this season. There are two ways where offers are provided to end users:

1. Flat 50% OFF
2. Buy One, Get One Offers

Flat 50% OFF is provided for selected products or brands as per the company’s decision. This will entitle the customers to flat 50% discount from the Retail price of the product.

Buy One, Get one Free is provided when a customer purchases a mobile, he would get another mobile free. Likewise the same is applicable for other categories of products. There are various options provided to the customer’s which includes buy a tablet, get another free, etc. For latest offers during this season, please ensure to visit the Retail / Online stores frequently.

Currently is running a limited time promotion where when you buy a Tablet, you will get another free. Be the first to get this offer delivered at your door step.

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Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome Vouchers

Dubai Autodrome is a well known circuit in Dubailand. It stretches up to 5.39 Kms. Dubai Autodrome was opened on October 2004. Some of the world’s famous drivers have driven in Dubai Autodrome including Michael Schumacher, Jacques Villeneuve to name a few. Dubai Autodrome is fully fitter with surveillance cameras which also provides complete coverage of all the tracks.

The venue is geared up for and specialises in offering clients a perfect location for:

– Production car and motorcycle testing
– Race team and race series testing
– Manufacturer research and development
– Vehicle demonstrations & Many more

People from all over the world like to drive in this track. Various vouchers are available online for purchase including Audi TT, Audi R8, McLaren, Single Seater and more. Be the first to experience this amazing drive by purchasing the tickets at

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Grey Book

Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as told by Christian Book

E.L. James is a well know author after the books Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker & Freed. Millions of copies were sold and the first book was made into a movie also. Now E.L. James is releasing the new book on June 18th which narrates from Christian’s perspective. James writes in Grey that the book “is dedicated to those readers who asked…and asked… and asked… and asked for this.”

E.L. James is happy returning with the new book and being with Christian and Ana in their universe. Every bookstore has started taking pre-orders for this book. Online shopping websites have started taking pre-orders with discounts to the customers. The first printing of Grey will be 1.25 Million. The movie versions are being worked on for the second the third book.

Be the first to pre-order this book from

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LG G4 at

The latest mobile going to be released on June by LG is LG G4. Everyone is in waiting for the release of this new mobile phone. The mobile has a new design and comes with genuine leather finish. The mobile comes with front and rear cameras to capture all your loved moments. The 5.5″ display makes the mobile more brighter and colorful. There are rumors that the battery life is not as expected.

To entice customers, LG is bundling with 100GB Google Drive storage for two years. The display is curved and the leather version feels much warmer to hold.

Software features:

Android 5.1 Lollipop
LG’s custom user interface, UX 4.0
Smart Bulletin, Event Pocket, Memories in the photo gallery

Main Features :

OS – Android OS, v5.1 (Lollipop)
Weight – 155 g
Card slot – MicroSD, up to 128 GB
Loudspeaker – Yes
Radio – Yes
USB – Yes

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Reviews & Ratings in Website

Reviews are ratings are essential for any online websites. Customers tend to read each reviews about a product before purchasing them. Customer who had brought the product earlier, would provide their valuable feedback in the site which in turn helps new users to get an idea of the product before making a purchase. Positive and negative reviews are shown in the website so that the customer can actually figure out how the product is. As an example, the latest Apple Watch which has got released is viewed by each and every customer. They tend to read reviews from all websites and study about the product before actually making the purchase. When a new website comes in the market, people actually read reviews about the website before making purchases as they are not sure if the website is a Scam or genuine one.

Ratings are also provided for all products in the website. Customers provide their ratings for all products which they had purchased. Normally ratings are from scale 1 to 5 where 5 is the best and 1 is the worst. Actually customers see ratings for high end products like mobiles, laptops, etc. as they would be doubtful before buying them and rating will surely help them a lot.

Reviews and Ratings also help in SEO where Google can crawl the pages and index them also. Genuine reviews play an important part for the website and it increases traffic also. Like Reviews and Ratings, Testimonials also is very good for any website.

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Apple MacBook

The brand Apple doesn’t need any explanation at all. MacBook’s are used by all customers worldwide and people love using them. The new designed version of Apple is called MacBook Line and is available in Silver, Gold & Black Color. The new product is lightweight and thinner. The new MacBook is 24% thinner than MacBook Air. Unlike other Laptops, the new Macbook doesn’t have a fan inside and the CPU runs very quietly.

The new MacBook has the Force Touch Trackpad where with a click followed by a harder press users can pull up word definition and lots more. The keyboard is also thinner compared to MacBook Air. The new MacBook has USB-C Port and offers quick charging.

Now you can get the latest MacBook from

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The wait is over for Apple fans. Apple Watch has been released in major websites and already Apple has taken more than 2.3 Million Pre-Orders for the watch. The Watch features stainless steel and the display is protected by sapphire crystal which is scratch resistant. The device comes in three collections : Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch & Apple Watch Edition. The Apple watch is compatible with iPhone 5 and later models. The watch comes with interchangeable bands.

Apple Pay is the new mobile payment and Apple watch works with Apple Pay. Now you can control your Apple TV using the Apple Watch. Apple uses the Apple’s S1 processor. The pricing of Apple watch starts from $349. The internal storage is 8GB. Now you can call Siri or update your facebook also using the Apple Watch. Now you can view notifications in Apple Watch. It has a long lasting battery life.

Be the first to get the Apple Watch from

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Aido Online Shopping

E-commerce (Online Shopping) in UAE

E-commerce is booming whole over the world and all brick and mortar stores are getting affected. Online shopping has grown well in USA, UK, India to name a few and E-commerce is in a nascent stage in the Middle East, but rapidly growing. Majority of the shoppers use online shopping for ticket booking, purchasing Electronics and Books, etc. E-commerce is expected to reach $15 Billion this year in UAE. Majority of the shoppers are from UAE and Saudi Arabia. The Qatar market is also huge with people dying for best prices on new products which are being launched.

As per the current trend, UAE represents 55% of the total E-commerce Market in the Middle East. Various payment options are provided to the end users like Cash on Delivery, Card on Delivery, Credit cards, PayPal, CashU to name a few. Cash on Delivery is the most used payment option by the customers and then Credit cards. But the usage of credit cards is increasing day by day. E-commerce is expected to grow by 40% by 2020 in the Middle East.

As per the online survey done by MasterCard, around 83% of the customers are happy with their purchases online. The penetration through mobile is getting higher compared to other devices in UAE. People love to shop online using their smartphones instead of desktops. E-commerce in the MENA region is expected to reach $200 Million by 2020. is one of the top 10 online shopping website in the Middle East which caters to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and other countries worldwide. provided Free Delivery in UAE and Cash on Delivery option also in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. Customers can now purchase their loved products at lowest prices with free delivery in UAE through

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Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 Movie

Big Hero 6 is an animated action comedy film released by Walt Disney Pictures in the year 2014. Big Hero 6 is the highest grossing animated film in 2014. The film has received positive reviews from audiences. The plot is about a young genius and robotics expert who participates in back alley robot fights. His brother gets killed in a fire and the young genius isolates himself by locking in a room.

Finally he realizes that someone has stolen his project and he wants to fight back at them. The movie is loved by children and family. The average score from various websites have suggested 90% audiences liked the movie a lot. IMDB has also provided a rating of 8/10.

Now Big Hero 6 is available in DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray. Be the first to grab this movie from

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HTC One M9

HTC One M9 Mobile

The latest phone released by HTC is HTC One M9. The phone is the next version after HTC One M8. It is taking on its rival Samsung Galaxy S6. The mobile has 4 ultrapixel camera in the front and a 20 megapixel camera in the back. The camera is covered with sapphire glass to prevent scratches. The mobile comes with location enabled widget which makes the owner to go home, office or any other locations they frequently visit. The mobile comes with an expandable memory option so that you can click and store huge number of pictures or store songs also. The sound in the front speaker are very loud.

The mobile comes in metal body with mirrored edges. Customers will enjoy using the HTC Theme Apps.

Main Features:

Dimensions – 144.6 x 69.7 x 9.6 mm
SIM – Nano-SIM
CPU – Quad-core 1.5 GHz
Card slot – microSD
Loudspeaker – Yes
Infrared port – Yes

Be the first to grab this phone from

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Battlefield and Resident Evil Revelations

Battlefield & Resident Evil Revelations Game

Battlefield Hardline is the latest game which is released on March 2013. It is a first-person shooter video game published by Electronic Arts. In this game, players will have access to various weapons and vehicles. As a cop, players can use multiple gadgets and strike fear into criminals using the police badge. The plot is all about a drug war and how the officers control this.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is also a new game released in 2015. This is a survivor horror game. The plot is all about a gang kidnapping two girls to an isolated island and how the rescue attempts are made. The game is huge hit and all gamers love to play this game.

Be the first to grab these games from

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The newest gadget going to be released by Apple is Apple Watch. As of today, Apple has brought innovative products to the market including iPhone, iPads to name a few. Apple Watch is the first product to be launched in Watches category by Apple. Last week Apple had released the look and feel including the specifications of Apple Watch. Apple Watch is scheduled to be released on April 2015 worldwide.

Apple Watch makes your communicating more convenient. It also provides a lot of details for your fitness. The prices of Apple Watch ranges from $350 – $17,000. The prices are pretty high, but Apple brand has its own news features for the customers. You can read messages, Facebook chats and view the latest Twitter trends. Apple Watch will be released in three different colors and the prices also vary according to the color.

Apple Watch will also work with Apple Pay the new mobile payment service of Apple. The Apple Watch can control the Apple TV. The latest Apple S1 processor will be used in the Apple Watch.

Be the first to get a notification on the release of Apple Watch in UAE.

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Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar Movie

Penguins of Madagascar is the new movie released in 2014. It is a spy-fi action comedy film. The movie is based on the Madagascar series and is produced by DreamWorks Animation. The whole plot is these penguins take on the villainous octopus.

The film has done pretty well in the box office by crossing $300 Million in overall figures. The film is brightly colored and entertains small children. The movie will be released in DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray. Three young penguins are the main characters of this movie and they are called Skipper, Kowalski and Rico. Be the first to get this movie from

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Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung has again released their newest phone in the market, Samsung Galaxy A5. The first Samsung phone with a metal body and comes in 4 different colors. Now you don’t need to press any button to take a selfie, you can take it using your voice. This phone has the capability to take a wide selfie where you can merge three different pictures. Samsung Galaxy A5 comes with 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor and is very fast. Samsung Galaxy A5 comes with ultra power saving mode.

Samsung Galaxy A5 comes with 2GB RAM and powers all games and heavy web pages faster.

    Main Technical Features:

Dimensions – 139.3 x 69.7 x 6.7 mm
Resolution – 720 x 1280 pixels
CPU – Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53
Card slot – microSD
Camera – 13 MP
Radio – Yes
Bluetooth – Yes
Loudspeaker – Yes

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Book

Fifty Shades of Grey is written by E.L. James and is an erotic romance novel published in 2011. Fifty Shades box set comes with 3 books, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Both Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed was published in 2012. The whole series has sold over 100 Million Copies and it is New York’s Bestseller. The books are published in 52 languages worldwide.

Now the first installment of Fifty Shades is made into a movie which is released on February 2015. The story is all about a 21 year old college student interviewing a young and wealthy entrepreneur. The main cast in the movie are Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. The Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will possess and stay with you always.

Fifty Shades Book 1 –

Fifty Shades Book 2 –

Fifty Shades Book 3 –

Fifty Shades Box Set –

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

The latest phone of Samsung is scheduled to be released on March 2015. People are keeping their eye on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The information received is that the price would be higher compared to Samsung Galaxy S5. Presumably the new phone will come in 32 GB, 64 GB & 128 GB capacities. Samsung has already confirmed that they would be moving away from plastic smartphones and this indicates that Samsung Galaxy S6 might be in metal or glass .

Seems to be like iPhone the batter cannot be removed in Samsung Galaxy S6. We can feel that something new is going to come out with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung Galaxy S6 might be coming with a new Operating System.

Main Preliminary Specifications:

Sim – Nano-Sim
Display – 5 inches
Operating System – Android OS
Camera – 20 MP
Card Slot – MicroSD

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Nexus 6

Motorola Nexus 6

Motorola has released their new phone Nexus 6. The new phone is bigger than Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is like a supersized version of Moto X. The phone has a massive 6 inch display to view movies, etc. Unlike the iPhone, you require two hands to operate the Nexus 6. The shell of Nexus 6 is easier to grip compared to Nexus 5. The phone comes in two colors only, Cloud White and Midnight Blue. The phone comes with a headphone jack and nano sim card slot.

Nexus 6 has a dual front facing speakers which delivers stereo sound. The 13 MP camera makes you take the best pictures. The turbo charges will quickly charge your device in 15 minutes and you can start using the mobile for another 6 hours. You can shop from Google Play which has more than one million Apps.

Main Features:

OS – Android OS, v5.0 (Lollipop)
CPU – Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450
Memory – 32/64 GB, 3 GB RAM
Camera – 13 MP
Bluetooth – Yes
Loudspeaker – Yes
Radio – No

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Valentines Day

Valentines Day Gifts at

Valentines Day is celebrated on 14th February of every year. Many people exchange cards, gifts, flowers and many more to their loved ones. This day is called as Romance day. Every mall and online websites sell new gifts every year so that customers have a wide range of choices to choose. The prices are competitive and the sales are high during January and February for Valentines Day. During Valentines day, people look for a romantic gift for their loved ones and they propose to them also.

The prices in online website is very competitive compared to stores. Wide range of gifts are available online compared to malls and online shoppers can choose from their home rather than roaming in the streets for the desired gifts. Online shopping websites provide free delivery with gift wrapping option also. In USA and UK, the sales of Valentines days gifts is very higher compared to the rest of the countries. Many people choose to travel to various destinations with their loved ones to enjoy the Valentines Day. has a wide collection of Valentines Day gifts with Free delivery in UAE. Make your loved one happy this Valentines Day.

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Evolve Video-Game

The most anticipated game of 2015 is Evolve. The creators of Left 4 Dead is coming with this new game where four hunters face off against one monster. The game is published by 2K Games and will be released on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on February 2015.

In the game, the monster can eat smaller creatures and get more stronger to take on humans. The Hunters also can get stronger by killing more wild creatures. The hunters should kill the monster before it reaches the power relay. Also the monster should reach stage 3 before reaching the power relay. The monster eggs should be protected by the monster and the hunters can kill the eggs. The developer of the game is Turtle Rock Studios. Pre-Orders have already started worldwide with online websites selling the game at discounts with Free shipping to the customers. Be the first to grab this game from

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Clearance Sale

Clearance Sale on Books, Movies, Games & Gifts

Clearance sales is a massive hit in all online and retail markets worldwide. Customers wait for this sale to happen and buy a lot of stuffs for their family. Clearance sale happens in USA, UK, UAE to name a few countries. Renowned brands like Puma, Casio, Reebok and many more participate in the Clearance Sale and provides huge discounts to the customers. These discounts are not available at any other seasons and people tend to grab these offers.

Clearance Sale is famous online with leading websites ensuring to mark down the prices to drive traffic to their portal. When the promotions start and people come to know, then the traffic to the website increases and customers are provided with the huge discounts which are not available even in Retail stores. This makes the customers to purchase online providing Free delivery to the end user. Customers ensure to grab all the required products during this sale as they have to wait for another one year for this Sale to happen. People ensure to gift their loved ones to bring a smile to their face.

Clearance Sale has started in Currently Books, Movies, Games and Gifts are provided with huge discounts for the customers with Free delivery in UAE. Customers are welcome to purchase any number of products online. has more than 14 Million Books and is the largest Bookstore in the GCC. Flat 50% discount is provided on selected books.

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Most Popular Books of 2014

Books is one of the most sold product in the world and customers love to purchase the latest books and fill their library. The physical formats of Books are still sold more compared to E-Books. Lots of books were released in the year 2014 and is providing the 10 most popular books of 2014. The sales of the below books have crossed huge numbers.

1. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai. ISBN 9780297870920.
2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (Book 9) by Jeff Kinney. ISBN 9780141357027
3. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. ISBN 9780141357270.
4. If I Stay by Gayle Forman. ISBN 9780142415436
5. Playing it My Way : My Autobiography by Sachin . ISBN 9781473605183
6. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. ISBN 9780141355078
7. Where She Went by Gayle Forman. ISBN 9780142420898
8. Captivated by You: A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia Day. ISBN 9781405916400
9. Four: A Divergent Collection(Divergent) by Veronica Roth. ISBN 9780062345219
10. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. ISBN 9780349139630

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Amazing Jewelry from

Jewelry is the most sought gifts by women and they like to wear it during all occasions. Jewelry can be diamonds, Gold, Silver, Gemstones to name a few. Jewelry is mostly used in Asia region and they come in different models and sizes suiting the needs of the customers. Fashion jewelry is also famous worldwide which comes in Pearls and other Rubies. Gold ornaments are the most sold jewelry items in the world and comes in new designs in different countries.

The rate of Gold is decreasing daily and at some point it peaks to the top. People love to purchase Gold during the dip and then try to sell it when it reaches the peak. In Asia, mostly all shops selling Gold will be full with customers and they ensure to provide exclusive offers to their end users.

Swarovski Jewelry is a well known brand and is sold whole over the world. Swarovski comes in beads, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and many more forms. is providing Swarovski jewels at 79% Discount with Free Delivery in UAE. Grab this offer and we ensure to gift wrap it to the customers.

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Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy was founded in 2003 and makes headphones, earphones & other products. The company quickly jumped to the third position in selling headphones. On 2011, Skullcandy filed for IPO. Skullcandy sponsors professional athletes in skiing, skateboarding and more.

Skullcandy comes in different models suited for all customers. They have a wide range of earphones and headphones. The in ear headphones are sweat resistant and is used by the customers worldwide. These earphones deliver the best possible fit and comfort. Knockout is designed for women and is a great sounding headphone. The headphones comes in different colors. For the gaming season, they have come out with new headsets also.

Skullcandy differentiates its products by appealing to the young and hip crowd. Skullcandy has also partnered with Walmart stores and the sales are huge from these stores. The company acquired video-game headset specialist Astro in 2011. is providing Skullcandy headphones at lowest prices.

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Carrera Sunglass

Carrera Sunglass – Free Casio Watch from

Carrera was founded in 1956 and the name was given in 1974. Carrera Sunglasses are very famous whole over the world and customers look for the best prices available in the market to purchase the same. Carrera Sunglasses comes in different models and can be worn by both Gents and Ladies. The look of the Sunglasses differs from models and suits for every customer. Winter and Summer Sports models are released every year.

Carrera is not only famous for Sunglasses but for Helmets also. A couple of helmet options are fold-able, basic, leather and many more. Cyclist uses them frequently and comes with a leather strap to attach it to their cycle.

Casio is a well renowned brand in Watches and they manufacture calculators, mobile phones, cameras and musical instruments. The main Watches are G-Shock, Oceanus, Casio Sport to name a few.

Currently is providing a Free Watch with a purchase of Carrera Sunglass.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas & New Year are the most celebrated seasons by all people. The gifting season starts from December and ends on January. People from all over the world start purchasing gifts for their loved ones in December. Christmas falls on 25th December and commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated by Billions of people worldwide. Major gifts include Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, Jewelry, Garlands to name a few.

New Year falls on 01st January at 12 Midnight and is the time when the new calendar year begins. New Year is celebrated all over the world and people burst crackers in every nook and corner welcoming the New Year. During New Year, wishes are poured from every people to their loved ones to ensure the year is good for them. New Year is celebrated by all religions. wishes all their customers and fans a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. also provides various gifts for Christmas and New Year at discounted prices with Free Delivery in UAE.

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The Entertainer Book 2015

The Entertainer was established in 2001 and is the leading provider of buy one get one free incentives in the Middle East and various other countries. The Entertainer currently has more than 150 employees and have expanded to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Jordan and many other countries. Entertainer started with Entertainer Dubai only and then expanded to Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Bahrain. In 2002 they started with buy one get one offers from 97 merchants. They started their online ordering in their website from 2008. The Abraaj group acquired 50% stake in Entertainer in 2012.

More than 1 Million redemption’s are made in a year and currently Entertainer has more than 10,000+ Outlets where the vouchers can be used. Entertainer 2015 has buy one get one offers from Wild Wadi, Ski Dubai and hundreds more in Dubai. This year when you buy an Entertainer book, you get a complimentary Entertainer Travel 2015 and also is providing a Gift Voucher worth AED 50 for a limited time only.

The number of merchant partners in UAE is 615 and more than 250 hotel partners in the Middle East. The approximate saving is around AED 475,000 if you buy the Entertainer 2015 Book.

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Grand Theft Auto Video-Game

Grand Theft Auto is the most played game in the world and Gamers love playing it. The Video-Game is published by Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto 4 was released on 2008 and now Grand Theft Auto 5 has been released in 2013. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was released on 2014. Grand Theft Auto V broke industry sales and became the fastest selling game in history.

Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game. Players use various explosives to fight enemies. You can also free roam in the game world and do scuba diving and other activities. Players can purchase properties also. The game might change characters during single player option.

Grand Theft Auto Online was released on 2013 and had faced some issues from Gamers stating that they were not able to connect to the servers and the social club service. The sales crossed all benchmark kept for games. Grand Theft Auto V crossed $600 Million in worldwide revenue. Grand Theft also broke seven Guinness World Records.

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50 OFF

50% & More Discount at

The Gifting season has started and now everyone is on a shopping spree to purchased gifts and products for their loved ones. People are looking for the best discounts available online to make their purchases. Customers tend to purchase products from retail outlets where the discounts vary from 30% to 50%. This discount is offered till December end and then the prices will again be back to their normal ones.

People search for various websites to figure out the best possible price for a product. Customers search in Google and other websites to get the higher discount for their desired product with Freebies if available. In Retail outlets, the customer has to physically be present and look for their desired product. But in Online, the customer has to just choose their product and make the payment in the website. The product is delivered to the customer’s door step, which is called hassle free shopping.

The discounts offered in online websites are much higher compared to retail outlets. This ensures the customers to make the purchases online with Free delivery to their homes. Since the climate is also changing in the Middle East during the Festive Season, people tend to travel from different countries to UAE and spend time with their loved ones here. is also providing the best possible discounts for this Festive Season. We are providing 50% and More Discounts on selected products with Free Delivery in UAE. We ensure to deliver the products on time so that your loved ones enjoy the holiday with our gifts.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is the latest mobile phone from Samsung and it is scheduled to release worldwide on January 2015. The Note Edge provides a new way to access information for the users. The curved Edge screen provides quick access to apps, alerts and many more. Now you can take bright and clear images using the advance camera in Note Edge. The mobile comes with a “S” Pen so that you can choose your text very easily from any content. The mobile has the capability to charge faster compared to other models of Samsung.

Main Features:

Dimension : 151.3 x 82.4 x 8.3 mm / 174 g
OS : Android 4.4 (Kitkat)
Memory : 3GB RAM + 32GB Internal memory
GPRS : Yes
EDGE : Yes
Infrared port : Yes
CPU : Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450

Be the first to grab this phone from We ensure to dispatch it in 2 days with Free delivery in UAE and one year warranty.

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Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts at

Holiday season has started and all malls and online shopping websites are flooded by customers to purchase gifts for their loved ones. People shop for Christmas and New Year and huge discounts are provided for the products. Online shopping websites ensure to gift wrap the products and send it with a Gift message to the customers so that they have an awesome experience purchasing online. The Gifting Season is huge in USA, UK and also in other countries including Middle East. People love to shop online as it is easy for them to choose the required product and it will be delivered to the recipient’s doorstep at no extra charges.

Since the climate changes in the UAE, most of the customers tend to buy warm clothes for their family. All latest electronics are purchased and gifted during this month and you can also see that all the shopping destinations are crowded. The offers are so tempting that it makes the customer to actually make the purchase due to the huge discounts and bundle offers provided. is the largest online megastore in the Middle East and we are providing huge discounts for this Festive Season. provides Free Delivery in UAE and ensures to gift wrap every order to ensure the recipient is happy with our service. A wide range of products are available to choose and huge discounts are provided.

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UAE National Day

UAE National Day 2014

UAE National Day is celebrated every year on December 02nd. National Day is celebrated from 1971 and this year it marks the 43rd National Day for UAE. UAE is compromised with 7 Emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah & Fujairah. UAE is 644 Kms long and has more than 10 Million in population. is providing a Ferrari Polo T-Shirt with UAE Flag for UAE National Day. Roam around in UAE with this T-Shirt to show how graceful you are to be in UAE which has all religions under one country. is the Online Shopping Website of Middle East with more than 15 Million Books and is the largest online portal. offers Free Delivery and Cash on Delivery payment options and all Electronics are covered with one year warranty.

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Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records 2015 Book

Guinness World Records 2015 book has been launched in the market and is selling very fast. This book celebrates the landmark 60th anniversary of Guinness World records. The book is distributed in more than 100 countries and is released in more than 20 languages. The first edition of Guinness World Records was released in 1955. The book features thousands of new records, rare photographs and many more. The 2015 books contains new topics like alien hunting, etc. You can also use the 3D Augmented Reality App and bring the book to life. The App unlocks exclusive 3D elements that burst out onto the page, right in front of your eyes.

Lots of new pictures are added including extreme bodies, big orchestra and many more. The control strip has a series of bite-sized records, trivia and stats. Some of main world records mentioned are Longest Tongue, Longest jump by a cat, Shortest Cat, Longest Golf Club, Largest Electric Guitar, Tallest Teenager, Longest Fingernails to name a few.

Grab this book from with Free Delivery in UAE.

Link :

Sachin Tendulkar

Playing It My Way: Sachin Tendulkar’s Autobiography Book

There is nobody in this world who doesn’t know the name “Sachin Tendulkar”. The Indian Master Blaster has revealed a lot of details in his autobiography. Sachin Tendulkar is a well renowned cricketer and has played for India for the past 24 years. He retired in 2013 and received India’s higher civilian honour – Bharat Ratna. He started his international cricketing career at the age of 16. No other cricketer has carried the whole nations expectations till date. India won the second World Cup after 1983 when Sachin was a part of the team. He has topped the World Test Rankings on a lot of occasions.

Now Sachin has revealed a lot of information in his Autobiography which was released on 05th November 2014. He has shared a lot of things which were not addressed before in his personal and career life. After the release, the book overtook Steve Jobs Biography as the best selling book. Tendulkar has always remained devoted to his family and country. The book has been selling like hot cakes and has beaten all records in the market.

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GoPro 4

GoPro Hero 4

GoPro Hero 4 has been released in the market and is selling fast. After the success of GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero 4 will surely capture the market. Now you can capture your memorable moments and share it all around the world using GoPro Hero 4. You can now download the GoPro Studio Software from the GoPro App. GoPro Hero 4 is the most advanced GoPro products. You can now take crystal clear pictures and videos using the latest GoPro Hero 4. Various accessories including tripod also comes with the GoPro Hero 4. GoPro Hero 4 comes with built-in Wifi and Bluetooth.

GoPro Hero 4 comes with 2X more powerful processor and faster video frame rates. You can unlock manual control of color, exposure and more. GoPro Hero 4 is waterproof to 40m with 12MP Photos. You have new settings for capturing images in the dark and also can power on and start recording automatically with the press of a single button. GoPro Hero 4 captures clean, high crystal clear sound. You have new simplified menus to make navigation better for the customer.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Diary of a Wimpy Kid : The Long Haul is the 9th book of Jeff Kenney’s installment. All the earlier books were hot selling and the readers were very happy. The 9th Book is released on November and is also selling like pan cakes. All his Wimpy Kid novels are based on a middle-school weakling named Greg Heffley. The online version of Wimpy kid is has more than 80 Million visits. The first installment “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” was released on 2007 and became a massive hit.

In the 9th book, Jeff Kenney has confirmed that he is moving Heffleys out to the road instead of the home entertainment. The story starts off full of promise but finally becomes the worst road trip ever for the Heffleys. Jeff has been named by TIMES magazine’s most influential people in the world.

Book Details:

Publication Date : 05/11/2014
ISBN : 9780141354255
Series :Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
Book Language : English
Publisher : Penguin Books Ltd

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iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini 3

The new Apple iPad Mini 3 has been launched in the market and it is selling like hot cakes. Apple is the most renowned brand and all customers would love to use their new device. The new iPad Mini 3 comes with Touch ID and iOS 8. The security consists of Fingerprint so that nobody else can misuse your iPad. iPad Mini 3 is powered by an A7 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture. It comes with 7.9 inch display and 2048 x 1536 resolution.

Main Features:

Sim Nano Sim
Weight 331 Grams
Dimensions 200 X 134.7 X 7.5 mm
Card Slot No
Camera 5 MP
Operating System iOS 8.1
CPU Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone
Colors Space Gray / Black, Silver / White, Gold
Talk Time Up to 10 hours

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LG G Pro Lite

LG G Pro Lite Mobile Phone

LG G Pro Lite is manufactured by LG Electronics and was released on November 2013. The mobile has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Internal storage. It has a 5.5 inch display screen. The phone features a front facing 1.3 MP camera. This phone has received mixed reviews which includes good reviews like low pricing and bad reviews like less battery life. You can hear a perfect sound from the phone as it has dual speakers. The phone comes with a productive stylus pen. Please find the main specifications below:

Dimensions 150.2 x 76.9 x 9.4 mm (5.91 x 3.03 x 0.37 in)
Weight 161 g (5.68 oz)
Display Size 540 x 960 pixels, 5.5 inches
Card slot MicroSD, up to 32 GB
OS Android OS, v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), upgradаble to v4.4.2 (KitKat)
CPU Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9
Primary Camera 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Radio FM radio
Talk time Up to 12 h (2G) / Up to 14 h (3G)

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Diwali Offer from

Diwali is the most celebrated Hindu Festival in India. It is also called Deepavali or Festival of Lights. On Diwali, Hindus wear new clothes and light their houses with Diyas (Lamps). The main Puja is done for Goddess Lakshmi. Diwali is one of the happiest holidays in India and schools & Colleges get around one week holidays. In major corporate offices, they provide sweets to their employees for Diwali. Diwali is normally a five day Festival in most parts of India. Diwali is not only celebrated in India, but is also done in various other countries where Indians are and they ensure to celebrate it with their near and dear ones.

Lots of firecrackers are burnt during Diwali. This is an expression of obeisance to the Heavens for the attainment of health, wealth and knowledge. Majority of the people visit Temples during Diwali. is providing a fantastic offer for Diwali. For every purchase of a SLR or DSLR camera, you will get a camera pouch, 4GB card and one Tablet free. This offer is valid till Diwali only and be the first to grab this exciting offer.

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Music CD

Music CD’s in

Currently there is a lot of attraction and sales for Music CD’s in the market. People go around looking for the latest tracks in CD’s so that they can play in their music system or players at home. There are a lot of customers who prefer to go for the original music CD’s and not the downloaded or pirated ones. Lot’s of online shopping websites also has Music CD’s and they ensure to deliver the same at the door step of the customer. is the largest online megastore in the Middle East and they have started Music CD’s as a category due to the overwhelming request from our customers. All the latest music CD’s are available and it comes in the original pack with Free delivery in UAE and we ship it worldwide also. Currently English tracks are only available from leading artists like Ariana Grande, Wiz Khalifa, U2 to name a few. We are adding more into our catalog and will ensure to provide a wide range of collection for our customers. Currently there are not much online websites in UAE who cater to the Music fans and we ensure to provide them a fruitful experience by providing the product at lowest prices.

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Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor Game

Shadow of Mordor is one of the most anticipated game of 2014. It has been released worldwide and fans are already grabbing their copies from the nearest shops or from online. Huge discounts are available online for the customers with free delivery to their homes. The game is developed by Monolith productions. The game was launched on September 30 2014 in PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PC.

The player has to defeat all the enemies and the violence is excellent. The player defeats the Uruks and tries to gain more information and then go from one stage to another. In the game, we have an option to even send the beaten Uruks to their masters or kill them if required. Shadow of Mordor game is well executed and people will love playing all levels. Shadow of Mordor offers a mix of stealth and melee combat. The game starts with the player being murdered and he seeing his wife and child also being tortured to death. But he is given a chance and that is when he takes revenge.

Each time the player dies by a soldier’s hand, he will level up and learn more abilities. Shadow of Mordor is one of the most entertaining open world adventures game. The combat mode is excellent and makes you use new tactics to conquer your enemy.

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Trash Pack Series 5

Trash Pack Series 5 Toys

The most awaited Trash Pack Series 5 Toy is out in the market. Trash Pack Series 4 was a hit among the children. The characters in Trash Pack Series 5 are Car rot, Icky Pickle, Dank Donut, Gross Moose to name a few. Trash Pack is the best sold toy in United Arab Emirates with more than Million Dirhams sold on the release date. Normally fans above Age 5 would love to grab this Trash Pack Series 5.

Now you can organize your collection with all the latest Trash Pack available in the market. Due to the overwhelming response of Toys, Trash Pack has also been launched a Game developed by Webfoot Technologies Inc. Now Trash Pack Series 5 Toys are available at Be the first to grab these toys for your loved ones. ensures to deliver the toys to your doorstep with Free delivery in UAE.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

Finally the wait is over and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available in the market. The most anticipated phone of Apple has been launched in USA & UK and already they received more than 4 Million Pre-Order bookings. After the launch a record breaking 10 Million phones were sold in 2 Days. Tim Cook had already mentioned that iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus launch was its “Best ever” and had “Shattered” all previous records. iPhone 6 Plus has the largest screen compared to any Apple iPhone with a 5.5 inch screen.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus comes in three colors: Silver, Gold & Space Grey. The phones comes in three capacities: 16 GB, 64 GB & 128 GB. The main features are:

iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus

Dimension 138.1mm (H) X 67mm (W) X 6.9mm (D) 158.1mm (H) X 77.8mm (W) X 7.1mm (D)
Weight 129 Grams 172 Grams
Display 4.7 Inch 5.5 Inch
Resolution 1134 X 750 Pixel 1920 X 1080 Pixel
Camera Yes Yes
Video Recording Yes Yes

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iPhone 6 –

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Games 14

Games 14

Games 14 is the biggest gaming show in Dubai. This is the seventh edition where all the Gamers will meet and see the new games and will have a chance to play their loved games before even it gets released in the market. Games 14 is a three day event which happens in Dubai and it is sponsored by the industry giants like Microsoft XBox, Sony Playstation, Red Entertainment and many more. This year the event was held from September 11 till September 13 at World Trade Center in Dubai. All gamers were present and it was a fun event with lots of prizes for every individual.

The special guest for this year’s event was Sheamus (WWE Wrestler). It was so much crowded with all the fans wanting to have a glance of the WWE Superstar and get his autograph. Sheamus is a down to earth person and he took his time to sign all autograph for his fans and ensured they were happy meeting him. The second day of the event was attended by Sheamus and it was jam packed. and WWE had a stall in the Games event and we ensured all the customers were happy playing the new WWE Game. Prizes were provided to the gamers who won the competition. stall had around 24 TV’s where our online shopping website was promoted and gamers were able to play the video-game with their friends in the stall. Even the WWE Stall had the latest video-game for the gamers to play. Looking forward for the next WWE Event in 2015.

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Destiny Video-Game

Destiny is the most awaited Video-Game of the year 2014 and is a first-person shooter video game. Developed by Bungie and published by Activision, the game is released on September 2014. The formats are XBox 360, XBox One, Playstation 3 & Playstation 4. Destiny is set 700 years into the future and the only survivors are in Earth. Players have to combat the aliens.

From the creators of Halo comes Destiny Video-Game. The mission is to defeat Earth’s enemies and reclaim all that was lost. To give an insight on Bungie, it was founded by two friends Jason Jones and Alex Seropian. The first game to be released by Bungie was Halo. There are a lot of good and bad reviews for the game, but all enjoy playing it. Destiny is actually a shooter with numerous missions and your character remains the same till the end. The drawback is that we would be revisiting all the places again and again in the game and we will be familiar with all the places once the game progresses. The combat mechanism is superb and once you get the new armor and helmet, then you start going on a spree.

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Moto 360

Moto 360 Smartwatch

Finally Moto 360 Smartwatch has been launched by Motorola and is getting an overwhelming response worldwide. It has a classic design and ensures a comfortable fit. Moto 360 comes in stainless steel case and leather strap. Moto 360 displays timely notifications powered by Android Wear. So this helps you to be on track on flight updates, traffic and more. Moto 360 comes with Voice Control and makes it easy to get things done. You can now keep track of your steps and know your heart rate. Now be up to date in Social Media as Moto 360 works with a growing number of apps including Facebook, Pinterest and many more.

Main Specifications:

1. All Day Battery
2. Wireless Charging
3. Water Resistant
4. Built-in Pedometer
5. Syncs with any Smartphone
6. OS Android Wear
7. Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
8. 1.5 Inch Screen Size
9. 49 Gm Weight

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The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner Book

The Maze Runner is a science fiction trilogy written by James Dashner. The novel was published on October 2007 and now 20th Century Fox is releasing the movie in 2014. The story starts with a boy (Thomas) who is brought to a new place called Glade and he doesn’t have any memory or his past. He meets a lot of children there who are in the same way. Every month a new boy is added and supplies are provided weekly once. One day a girl comes with the message “the last one ever”.

Meanwhile Thomas feels that he knows the Maze and was here before. Then to save a girl Thomas breaks the rule of the Glade. Finally Thomas realizes that the Maze is never to be solved and they have to enter a code and ensures to update all the members for their support to resolve this. Once the code is entered a new door opens with their creators coming and greeting Thomas and again it changes with new people attacking them.

The movie is scheduled to be released on September 2014 and everyone is glued to watch it. James Dashner has already written the prequel called “The Kill Order” and it was released on 2012.

iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

Everybody is waiting for the launch of iPhone 6 and the days are numbered. Apple is hosting the event on September 09th 2014 and the invites has been sent out. A lot of pressure has been heaped on the iPhone 6. It is supposed to come with a wider screen and more storage capacity. iPhone 6 also comes with iOS 8 which is the newest software of Apple. There are rumors that two products will be released by Apple and it will be disclosed in the event. iWatch now looks very likely to appear the same day. The price factor matters a lot for this iPhone and it is sure that it will outnumber the sales of its earlier models.

Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 6 would be Aluminium, but will have liquidmetal Apple logo. Every one in the world would love to grab this iPhone. iPhone 6 would be coming with the new 64-bit A8 processor. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal just published two of the most details peeks at Apple’s wearable we have seen yet. Times has also added that you would be able to view maps also.

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3D Light

3D Light FX Toys

Who doesn’t like a 3D light effect at your home. Now we ensure to fulfill your deeds. 3D Light Toys (Stickers) are now available. These are nice stickers and toys which can be pasted in your home walls. The stickers are pasted in such a way that it looks like the football / vehicle is breaking the wall and coming out through one side. The stickers can be removed anytime and it is good for the visitors to see this in your home. The light can be adjusted and it comes with batteries.

Every home would be loved to be decorated and it glows in the dark and shows separately to the visitors. All the major characters like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Barbie and more are available. This craze is growing fast in major countries and people love to decorate their home as it is not much costly and will provide an awesome look to your walls.


Safe: Cordless, Battery Operated.
Cool: Never Gets Hot To The Touch.
Green: Never Change The Bulbs.
Fun: Crack Sticker Included.
Efficient: Uses Led Lights.—uae-soccer-brazil-packing.html


Tablets for Young Generation

Currently you can see all the youth having a Tablet in their hand. They have taken over the computers and laptops as is is light weighted and can be carried anywhere. Children love to carry a Tablet nowadays and ensure to show them to their friends also. Tablets are manufactured for all ages and some even use them at offices and meetings. Some Tablets come with sim card slots and extra memory card slots for latest generations. Using the Sim card will ensure that the customers can even speak with their loved ones.

The Tablet market is conquered by Apple and they ensure to bring the latest technology to the end users. iPad has revolutionized the market. The next in line is Samsung who ensures to produce the latest Tablets with all features for the customers. Samsung Tablets are also light weighted and customers enjoy using them. Majority of the Tablets comes with one year warranty. Nowadays all the Tablets are made in China, but is from the reputed brands like Samsung, Apple, Amazon, HTC and more. Genius is the brand for Kids and they come with all games and drawing equipment’s for children. The Tablets are sleek and comes with a majority of features including MS Access for office usage, Music and Video for children, Games for all ages, etc.

3D T-Shirts

3D T-Shirts Online

T-Shirts are a trend from our earlier century people, but 3D T-Shirts are a trend of this century. Lots of 3D T-Shirts are available starring Dogs, Cats and many more animals. The T-Shirts are printed and it looks like the animals are about to jump out at you. Once it is worn in your body, it looks like the animal is showing it’s face from the chest of the human body. The designers started with Dogs to start with and then added more animals day by day. Now this a craze for children as they love wearing the 3D T-Shirts and roam in the streets or show it to their loved ones.

All online shopping websites have the 3D T-Shirts as they have seen the trend changing now. Customers are most likely to buy them compared to the normal T-Shirts as they are unique and catches the eye of every other person who crosses the path of the person who is wearing the 3D T-Shirt. Huge Discounts are also offered on 3D T-Shirts to the end customers so that they do not have to run around looking for it in major malls.

You can also grab the 3D T-Shirts from and we offer worldwide delivery.

Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades Trilogy Boxed Set

Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic novel written by E.L. James. This is the first installment of the trilogy, second one being Fifty Shades Darker and the third Fifty Shades Freed. The main story is the relationship between a college graduate and a business magnate. Fifty Shades of Grey has topped the best-seller lists around the world. Now the movie is scheduled to be released in 2015.

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy box set consists of all the three books and it is published by Arrow. The ISBN is 9780099580577 and consists of 1600+ pages. E L James is a former TV executive, wife and mother of two based in West London. Since early childhood she dreamed of writing stories that readers would fall in love with, but put those dreams on hold to focus on her family and career.

More than 100 Million copies has been sold till date. Now you can purchase the Fifty Shades boxed set from


Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook is the new style Laptop for the current generation. The well renowned brand of Apple creates world class Laptops for their users. Apple comes with innovating technologies and new ideas to their system and every user would love to grab the MacBook. Apple started manufacturing MacBooks from 2006. The design and functions are awesome.

The latest is MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It comes in 13″ and 15″ Display. The 15″ model has 5 Million Pixels and the 13″ model has 4 Million Pixels. The MacBook Pro with Retina Display comes with fourth-generation dual-core and quad-core processors. There notebooks are the thinnest, lightest and highest performance models. All powerful applications are included. The MacBook Pro comes with the world’s most advanced desktop operation system, OS X Mavericks.

Technical Specifications:

Processor : 2.5GHz 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor
Graphics : Intel Iris Pro Graphics
Camera : 720p FaceTime HD camera
Operating System : OS X Mavericks
Battery : Built-in 95-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery
Memory : 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory
Storage : 512GB PCIe-based flash storage
Weight : 4.46 pounds (2.02 kg)
Wifi : 802.11AC

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WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 Video Game

Who is not interested to watch the WWE? This entertainment sport is a craze for all generations and is watched by Millions of people worldwide. WWE has a lot of legends who work for the uplift of the community also. Various WWE Hall of Famers are Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Rowdy Rowdy Piper, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and many more. WWE started small and has grown into a huge empire. Thanks for Mr. Mac Mohan who entered as a commentator and now is the Chairman of WWE.

WWE Board of Directors always ensure to provide the best entertainment to their fans. Currently HHH is the COO and son in law of Mr. Mac Mohan. WWE is broadcasted in different languages and viewed in more than 100 countries. Fans are very eager to get a glimpse of their favorite super stars once they visit for any event occurring in their country.

Currently the WWE champion is John Cena and he is the 15 time World Heavyweight Champion. The cover photo of WWE 2K15 is of John Cena and all the fans worldwide are eager to grab the first copy and start playing the WWE 2k15 video-game.

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Digital Cameras and Handycams

Digital cameras are the most brought electronic product in the whole world. Every customer would be eager to keep their hands on the latest camera which is going to be released in the market. Once upon a time Kodak was the most brought camera by all. Nowadays Digital cameras have come in several brands including Nikon, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Yashica and more. The world leaders are Canon and Nikon and they provide the latest technology cameras for professional and personal use.

Cameras are searched by all customers and they also prefer to buy the same online through various shopping websites. The prices are very cheap compared to offline stores and they can purchase by the click of their mouse and websites provide free delivery to their address. All products come with one year warranty and as an add on they can purchase Lenses as per their requirement and some websites also provide bundle offers at cheap prices where lenses are given as free for a purchase of camera.

Handycams are also purchased by professional customers and they use it daily. Panasonic was a leader in Handycams and now every brands have their handycam range for customers. All Handycams comes with one year warranty and provides free delivery also.

Please find the wide range of cameras and handycams available at We provide one year warranty and Free Delivery in GCC.

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WWE 2K15

Pre-Order WWE 2K15 Video-Game at

WWE is the most watched sports whole over the world. It is the longest running episode in TV. WWE is watched by all ages and they would love to see them face to face in USA and other countries. A lot of superstars like John Cena, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, Randy Orton and many more fight against each other to ensure the WWE universe are happy. Currently John Cena is the WWE champion and he has a match with Brock Lesnar in a week.

WWE has come up with merchandises including apparels, key chains, Movies, etc. Currently the most sold ones are Video-Games. WWE started selling their video games from 2012 called WWE12. They have sold more than Million games worldwide. Now the latest video game is WWE 2K15 featuring John Cena. The video-game will hit the market on October 2015. Already a lot of online shopping websites have started taking pre-order’s as this is going to be one of the best sold games of this year. The game comes in all formats : Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 & PS4.

Currently has also started taking pre-order’s for WWE 2K15 and you are most welcome to place an order online.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a revolutionary laptop with optional click-in keyboard and multiple ports. Surface Pro 3 has a stunning larger 12 inch display and you can install desktop software’s. It comes with the Surface Pen and Multi-Position Kickstand so that you can work comfortably whether you are in a desk or in a plane. Surface Pro 3 comes with Palm Block Technology so that you can rest your hands as you write without leaving a trace.

Now you can enjoy movies, games and music. Surface Pro 3 comes with Skype, Bing & OneDrive. You can also purchase more accessories like Type Cover, Power Supply cable, Ethernet Adapter, Docking Station and more. Surface Pro 3 can replace your laptop and is light weight. It comes pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 Pro and comes with thousands of programs created for Windows Platform. It has two 5MP front and rear cameras to capture your best moments.

Main Technical Specifications:

1. Software – Windows 8.1 Pro
2. Weight – 0.79 KG
3. Display – 12″ ClearType Full HD Display
4. Bluetooth
5. Battery Life – Up to 9 hours
6. Camera – 5MP

Link :

EID Mubarak

EID Mubarak and Free Gift for every Purchase in

Hi All !! Greetings and EID Mubarak from Ramazan is the holy month in GCC and it is normally 30 days. In 2014, it was for 29 days only. Now EID is also over and lots of Free gifts and prizes are available in Retail and Online stores. This is a massive month as lots of promotions are done to attract customers who travel from various countries to United Arab Emirates. also is celebrating EID by providing a FREE DVD with every purchase made on the website. There is no limit to the order value and even if a customer places an order for a Book worth AED 10, we will ensure to send a DVD to the customer. Nowadays customers are keen to grab the latest movies in DVD so that they can watch it with their families. ensures to fulfill their dreams by providing a FREE DVD with every purchase done for a week in the portal.

Do Shop online at and be the lucky fan to get the FREE DVD.

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Thawte Certificate

Security Certificate for Online Shopping Website

One of the main reasons why customers do not make purchases online is they fear whether their credit cards will be misused or hacked during the purchases. A lot of fake websites lure the customers and try to make them enter their card details so that the hackers gain access to them and make huge purchases online which in turn will create problems for the genuine card holder. Hackers make a sample page from a well renowned website and ensure the customers come there an provide their credit card details. Before the customer realizes that he has come to the wrong website, his details would have been stolen and sent to various people who make different purchases from different site and from different locations.

Currently a lot of customer see whether the site has any security certificate for them to enter their card details. A lot of E-commerce websites have taken this certificate to inform the customers that their credit card details are entered directly in the bank payment gateway and their login details are going through the secure channel only. For a new customer who doesn’t know if the website URL is secure, they have to see in the login page or credit card page if the URL starts with “https://” instead of the normal “http://”. If it is “https://” then the website is genuine and the details are secure and nobody can hack it. This makes the customers happy to make purchases and enter their details online without any issues.

A lot of security certificates are available for websites, like Verisign, Thawte, Godaddy, etc. The widely used ones are Verisign and Thawte (Which is acquired by Symantec). If the customers see their logo, they are happy to enter their credentials as they know that it is safe and nobody can steal it. is secured by Thawte and all are welcome to enter their credentials as it is safe and secure.

Link :

Top Menu

Top Menu in Online Shopping Websites

Top Menu plays an important part in any online shopping website. This is the portion where every website uses to show their main features to attract customers. Customers at a glance will get an understanding on what the website provides and it tempts them to make a purchase online. The Top Menu is different for every website and it consists of all the major features.

Some of the websites showcase about their security certificate which they have tied up with, like Verisign, Thawte, etc. This will give the customer confidence to use their credit cards for online purchase. Some websites show their main features including Cash on Delivery policy which gives the customers an option not to use their credit card for purchases. Some show about the return policy for all products so that customers who buy from them have a 15 or 30 day return policy and they can return the products back if they are not satisfied. Many websites show about the main payment option like PayPal which is well renowned and customers would be very happy to use their PayPal account to place orders online as they know it is 100% secure. Many websites show about their Free delivery policy in main locations which attract a lot of customers as they do not have to pay any delivery charges and they would be happy to place an order by the click of their mouse.

Link :


Four: A Divergent Collection Book

The #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Veronica Roth is bringing the next episode of Divergent Series has been released on July 2014. Newly christened FOUR, he discovers during initiation that he will succeed in Dauntless. His decisions could threaten his own future. Now the stage is set for the epic saga of the Divergent Trilogy.

Now it is one of the best selling novel in the European countries and all the fans are waiting to get their hand on this copy. Majority of the lovers have read the book within an hour. There were some question answer session with Veronica Roth, for which she has replied to all the queries put to her including why a lot of people die in her story and many more.

Please be the first to read it:

FIFA 2014

Germany Wins FIFA 2014

Finally the wait is over for FIFA Fans. The winner of FIFA 2014 is Germany who beat Argentina 1 – 0 to claim the cup. Argentina was a tough competitor for them and it was not easy for Germany to get the throne. In the 90 minutes there was no Goal made by either team and it was in the extra minutes the Goal was scored. Mario Gotze stunned the Argentina goal keeper by scoring the Goal for Germany.

Germany has won the World Cup after 24 years as they won it last time in 1990. German fans are celebrating all over the world as their team has taken the World Cup defeating rivals Argentina in a nail biting match. Germany has gone close to winning the tournament in recent years, having reached the final in 2002 and semi-finals in 2006 and 2010. Germany ended the tournament unbeaten and thrashed Brazil 7 – 1 in the semi-final.

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Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing in E-commerce

E-commerce in booming every day and the sales generated is in huge numbers. E-commerce has reached the next level in USA and other European countries and is still nascent in Middle East and Asian countries. Online Shopping has gained a lot of attraction nowadays. People are aware of this and trust the sites before making the order.

Customers are very fond of online shopping and they would rather do an online purchase instead of going to the Malls or other stores. They know that the prices are competitive and they can get it delivered at their home without any hassles of parking and other road blocks.

Various Online Marketing techniques used are:

1. E-Mail Marketing
2. Google Adwords
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Banner Ads and many more

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing is the most widely used tool to ensure to keep your customers updated on the prices and other offers that you run in your website. Websites ensures to send an E-mail daily or weekly to their database and they are the potential customers who in turn make a purchase online. Every online shopping website uses E-Mail marketing. Some would have tied up with third party service providers and others would have an in house team to handle E-Mail marketing.

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Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain & Kuwait

Cash on Delivery is the most preferred payment option for any online shopping portal. Currently the trend is 50% tend to use Cash on Delivery as they have a trust factor in it. They ensure to receive the product and then pay the Cash on Delivery to the courier or agents. In India and Middle East, Cash on delivery has penetrated a lot as customers use this as the primary option. When you do not have Cash on Delivery, you can see a dip in orders as customers go to the Check out and abandon the cart. Majority of the customers are not willing to enter their credit card details as they feel the site is not secure.

In USA and other European countries, Cash on Delivery is not used and the customers are familiar of Credit card usage and they tend to purchase online using Credit cards only. E-commerce has boomed a lot over there compared to Asia and Middle East where Cash on Delivery is dominant.

Currently is offering Cash on Delivery in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman & United Arab Emirates. We offer Free Cash on Delivery in UAE and there is a small amount of charge for other locations. In future we would be opening Cash on Delivery option in Saudi Arabia also as the internet penetration is huge in that country. The Cash is collected in the local currencies only and there is a reconciliation process done between the company and the courier partners to ensure the Cash is credit back to the company’s account.

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Lenovo G50

Lenovo G50 Laptop at

Lenovo is the leaders in manufacturing Laptops from high end to low end. Lenovo G50 is an affordable laptop which is versatile and has a slimline design.

Main Features:

1. 15.6″ HD Display
2. Multitouch Touchpad
3. Fast Data Transfer
4. Battery-Saving Technology
5. Connectivity Options – Wifi and Bluetooth
6. Integrated Webcam
7. HDMI Output
8. Expansive HDD Storage
9. Dolby Advanced Audio
10. Processor – Intel® Celeron® Processor N2830 (2.16 GHz 1600MHz 1MB)
11. Operating System – Windows 8.1 with Bing
12. Graphics – Intel® HD Graphics
13. Weight – 5.51 lbs
14. Dimensions – 15.6″ : 15.11″ x 10.4″ x 0.98″

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Rio 2

Rio 2 Movie (DVD, Blu-ray & 3D Blu-ray)

Rio 2 is the animated movie and the second sequence of Rio. Rio was released in 2011 and Rio 2 will be released on July in DVD. Lot of children are waiting for this animated movie as they love to see the second sequence for Rio. Blu, Jewel and their three Kids are thrown in the Amazon Forest and finally Blu meets his Father in Law also. The voices are given by Jamie Foxx, Kristin and many more artists. Carlos Saldanha is the Director of the movie and it is released by Twentieth Century Fox.

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Fashion Products in

Are you a fashion lover? Then you have come to right destination. Fashion is a fast growing category in the market and we have a lot of online websites who deal in Fashion category only. Every person here would love to change their costumes, sneakers and other stuffs to look updated with the latest Fashion trends.

Fashion constitutes 25% – 50% of the overall sales for any Online Shopping Portals. Huge discounts are provided on Fashion category to the end users varying from 50% – 90% from the Retail Price. These prices cannot be matched by Brick and Mortar stores. There are various websites how cater with Electronics and other categories, but ensure to showcase Fashion as their main category as this drives the whole business with huge profits.

Women are the frequent buyers online for Fashion. They ensure to stock their Cupboard with all latest dresses, cosmetics and other day to day materials. Major Fashion brands include Gucci, Puma, Woodlands, Adidas, Ray-Ban, Aston Martin, Tommy Hilfiger, Lemon Tree, Michael Kors, Swarovski to name a few. Designer clothing are mostly searched online.

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Grab the new LG G3 Mobile Now

LG has launched their new Android Handset LG G3. This is the next version to their earlier release, LG G2. It has been launched in the Middle East on June 2014. It has an advanced OIS with Camera. LG G3 also includes a smart keyboard with 1-Watt speaker with Boost Amp. The main advantage is that it has a Hassle-Free Wireless Charging facility.


1. Call Log-Based Reminder
2. Battery Alert
3. Simplified UI
4. 5.5 Inch Display
5. 1.3 MP Rear-Facing Camera
6. Bluetooth, Wi-fi and USB connectivity
7. Internal and External Memory

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Google Glass

Buy Google Glass at

Google Glass is developed by Google. Google started selling Google Glass in 2014 and now it is available in selected countries. Google Glass is developed by Google X and it is smaller and slimmer.

Features :

1. Touchpad
2. Camera
3. Display

Google Glass helps for navigation and gives you accurate course data and other information while playing Golf. You can also send messages to your friends instantly so that you can keep in touch with your near and dear ones. Use Google Play Music and listen to your favorite music.

Place your order online at

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Puma Watches

Amazing Discount on Puma Watches

Puma is a well renowned German brand for Fashion and Lifestyle products. Puma products include Apparels, Goggles, Watches and many more. Puma has a lot of offices in the world and they ensure to provide the best class products for the customers.

Puma started Watches and it is one of the hot selling products for them. The watches comes in different models and the prices are cheap. Since the brand is well known to everyone, Puma watches sell like hot cakes. The brand comes with one year warranty and it has an amazing look.

Puma has online websites in every country and they do their major business through E-commerce. We are currently providing up to 50% OFF on selected Puma watches and we provide Free delivery in GCC.

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Ladies Handbags

Ladies Handbags Online at

Handbags are one of the most important part in a Ladies lifestyle. Every women would love to carry a fancy handbag stuffed with their currencies, make up kit and various other stuffs. There wouldn’t be any women who doesn’t have a handbag at all. Can anyone spot a women without a handbag outside?

Handbags comes in different sizes and models ranging from small to large. They are made of pure leather and some come with a mixture of components. Every shopping mall will be stuffed with handbags and you can see a long queue of women waiting and watching their loved handbags and would be eager to buy them immediately. has a wide range of handbags available online. We provide handbags from Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Versace and many more. We ensure to keep each and every customer satisfied by ensuring to deliver them on time and they can have a look at our product and then pay using Cash on Delivery payment option.

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Laptops / Netbooks at

A laptop is a personal portable computer which can be seen every home nowadays. Laptops come in different display screens, speakers and various configurations. The price depends on the configuration and offices use high end models so that their employees can work without any issues.

The first commercially available portable computer was IBM 5100. Currently a lot of big brands including Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, etc. have laptops which are used by every person in the world. In the current world, desktop computers are not used and it is replaced by Laptops which are lighter and can be carried anywhere.

The main components are:

1. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
2. Power Supply
3. Display
4. Battery
5. Storage
6. Ports

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Payment Options

Online Shopping Website – Payment Options

Payment Options in Online Websites

There are a lot of Online Shopping Websites in the world and they compete with each other with service, products, etc. The main part for an online shopping website is the Payment options available for the customers. Many websites have different payment options, but it is always best to provide all major payment options to the customers. Once we do a promotion, it is best to ensure that the customers come and choose their relevant payment option and place an order online. There are a lot of banks who provide Credit Card / Debit card payment gateways and there are aggregator who provides all payment options under one roof. Please find some of the major used payment options in websites:

1. Cash on Delivery

Websites use Cash on Delivery payment option so that customers who do not wish to enter their Credit card details can use this payment mode and place an order online

2. Credit Card / Debit Card

Banks or Aggregator provides Payment gateway where customers can enter their Credit / Debit card numbers and purchase online.

3. PayPal

One of the most renowned payment solution is PayPal from Ebay. Customers trust a lot because of the brand.

4. Internet Banking

A lot of websites provide Internet Banking payment option where the customer can enter their account details and it get’s debited from their bank.

5. Card on Delivery

Now customers can also choose Card on Delivery payment option where the courier or delivery person will be carrying a machine and the customer can swipe his card the door step after receiving the product which he has ordered.

6. Bank Transfer

Some websites also provide Bank transfer payment option where the customer can credit the company’s bank account with the Cash and then the order will be processed

7. Cheque / Demand Draft

Cheque or Demand Draft payment option is used where the customer has to take the Cheque or Demand Draft in the Company’s name and send it to the company address for processing the order.

8. Mobile Payment

Now customers can also make purchases online using their Mobile balance. They just have to enter their mobile number and other details and the amount of the product will be deducted from his Mobile balance and the customer can receive the product at his home.

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FIFA 2014 Football Jersey Online

Everybody loves to watch a Football match and its FIFA 2014 in June. All are geared up to watch the match from the start till end. Crazy fans all over the world are waiting for this moment to cheer their team to win the World Cup.

Main countries participating in the World cup are Brazil, Spain, Greece, Italy, England, France, Argentina, Germany, Portugal and many more. Total 32 teams will be there for the World Cup. The Fans all over the world will be at the edge of their seat when a Goal is going to be made by their team. The first match is between Brazil and Croatia and starts on June 13th 2014.

The total Prize money confirmed by FIFA is USD 576 Million. The matches will take place in 12 venues. The final match is on July 13th 2014.

Who will win the FIFA World Cup 2014?

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Camera Lenses

Camera Lenses Online

A camera lens is used in conjunction with a camera body to zoom and take far away images of products. A photographer will always have a variety of lenses with him so that he can zoom and take pictures of high quality. Sony, Nikon and many big names in the camera industry have come with Lenses which can be used by the customers to get the accurate picture.

Focus can be adjusted in two ways, Auto focus which normally every customer does so that the lens automatically adjusts the distance and captures the image. Manual Focus, where the customer has to choose the accurate focus before clicking the picture.

A camera lens is a combination of several lenses in one unit. Mirror-less cameras give much more flexibility than conventional DSLRs. But Mirror-less cameras is thinner than traditional DSLRs. To purchase a lens, first you should be aware of the crop-factor.

Nikon’s full-frame cameras can use DX-format lenses. Lenses with focal lengths longer than 50mm are called telephoto models. Some lenses feature anti-shake facility also.

Please find our wide range of camera lenses available online.

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Mobiles, Electronics & Computers

Wide range of mobiles are available from latest smartphones to old fashioned mobiles. All new launched phones are available online at at competitive prices and One Year Warranty. Latest phones including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, LG, HTC and many more can be purchased at Only brand new mobiles are sold with Free Delivery in UAE.

The collection of Tablets is also huge including Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, BlackBerry, Asus and many more. We ensure to deliver the Tablets in 24 – 48 hours worldwide so that customers can have an awesome shopping experience.


More than 12 Million Books are available online making the largest Bookstore in UAE and whole of GCC. The books are directly sourced from our suppliers and ensure to deliver them on time to the end users. Huge discounts are provided so that customers won’t be able to get those books from anywhere at this price.


The Games category has the latest games in all formats including PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and more. The prices are lowest in the markets and we deliver it to the customers in 24 hours.


The only website to sell Movie DVD, 3D Blu-ray and Blu-ray is All Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available. The movies are brand new in original packing.


All latest toys are available online with huge discounts to the customers. The customers can drill down using various brand options to see their desired Toys and place an order online. The Toys category is building up in this region and we are ready for it.

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BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10 contains 16GB internal Memory and 4.2 Inch Display. The camera is 8MP and has a MicroSD card slot available. The processor is Dual Core 1.5 GHz and has a Micro HDMI for connection to your HDTV or Projector. The mobile has 11 hours Talk time and up to 17 days standby time. The preloaded apps include Story Maker, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Foursquare, Adobe Reader and many more. The camera has time shift mode which capture milliseconds before and after your photo.

You can switch your BBM chat to BBM video and talk face to face with those that matter to you most. It consists of touch screen BlackBerry keyboard for effortless typing experience. The resolution is 1280 x 768.

The prices have slashed and grab your mobile now.

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Maya Angelou

Books by Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was a well renowned author, poet, dancer and singer. She received dozens of awards. Angelou wrote a total of seven autobiographies. She has also done screenplays for television and film. Her volume “Just Give me a Cool Drink of Water ‘fore I Diie” was nominated for Pulitzer Prize. She was also chosen by President Bill Clinton to recite her poem.

Maya Angelou passed away on May 28 2014. Some of her famous books are Mom & Me & Mom, Great Food, All Day Long, Letter to my Daughter, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, I Shall Not be Moved, Phenomenal Women, A Song Flung Up to Heaven, Still I Rise and Many More.

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Lenovo S5000

Lenovo S5000 Tablet

The Lenovo S5000 is an Android 4.2-based tablet. Everyone would love to get their hands on this low cost Tablet which has all major features. The chassis consists of plastic. The micro USB port is built in the centre of the lower side. Wireless internet access is available and also Bluetooth connectivity if required for the customer. The accessories includes a power cord for charging.

Some of the draw backs are:

Slippery at the base
No mute on camera shutter

Main Features:

7 Inch Display
5 MP Camera
Wifi Connectivity
Satellite GPS
Long Battery Life – Up to 8 hours
MediaTek 1.2 GHz Quad-core Processor
Android 4.2 OS
1GB Memory, 16GB eMMC Storage
Dimensions : 116mm x 7.9mm x 191mm
Micro Sim

Link :,-tablets-and-e-readers/tablets/lenovo-tablets/lenovo-ideatab-s5000.html

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most talked phone for the year 2014. The camera provides a clearer and faster snaps. The battery is larger and the processor is quicker.

Main Features:

HDR – On this when the subject is faded
Fast Auto Focus – Capture the lovely moments quickly
Detailed Focus
Ultra Power Saving Mode
Dust & Water Resistant
5th Generation WIFI Equipped
Finger Scanner
5.1 Inch Display

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HTC One M8 Mobile Phone

HTC One M8 has a premium design and has a decent processor. The headphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the phone and not on the top like most other phones. It comes with a micro SD slot and ensures to satisfy the customers by storing their loved songs and games. Now you can fill your phone with loved memories with photos and Videos.

The power button is at the top right side and not the left side. The screens are big and easy for the customers to navigate. HTC One M8 runs on a powerful quad-core processor and Android KitKat and the depth-sensing camera brings a ton of features.

There are a few drawbacks for this phone are that it’s battery cannot be removed and it is not water resistant.

Two colors are available which are Silver and Gold. The most searched color in Gulf region is the Gold. The weight is around 154.2 Grams and is a little taller compared to the rest of the HTC phones.

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Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2 at

Sony Xperia Z2 is an awesome mobile to get your hands on. It is the first waterproof mobile phone and you can take pictures accurately. You can take super crisp and super sharp photos. The headphones comes with noise cancelling technology and you can enjoy listening to your loved songs without any distraction. The 5.2” Full HD screen makes it the world’s first live color LED Display. Sony Xperia Z2 is also dust resistant and it very sleek. You can carry it anywhere and ensure to enjoy the movies and songs on the go. Z2 is loaded with tons of applications so that it can be downloaded and played immediately. Z2 has a 20.7 MP camera and the result will be super bright and sharp photos. Also it is inbuilt with motion detect technology for blur-free images.

The weight of Z2 is only 163 Grams and the dimension is 146.8×73.3×8.2 mm. The talk time is up to 19 hours and you can listen music up to 120 hours. Be the first to grab the Sony Xperia Z2 from


Buy Latest Movie DVD, Blu-ray & 3D Blu-ray at

Who doesn’t like to watch a movie? Everyone has a passion to see the latest movies which are released. Some visit the Theater, some watch them online and some buy the DVD and watch them at home. Movies are made in different Genres to ensure all people can watch them. Some are Romantic, Family, Action, etc.

There are people who have built a DVD library at home. They enjoy to watch the latest movies and ensure to stock them at home. The whole DVD collection is fabulous and contains all latest and old movies. They ensure to show it to their friends and relations.

Movies are a time pass for all ages. People love to spend their 3 hours watching them. Hollywood movies are a hit all over the world. There are some Regional language movies which are a blockbuster even in USA. People love to watch their favorite actors perform. has the largest collection of movie DVD, Blu-ray & 3D Blu-ray. We ensure to stock all the old and latest movies so that all customers can browse and select their desired movie. The deliveries are made in 2 days and we even ensure to deliver the same day in UAE. Various payment options are available including COD, PayPal, Credit card, etc. Movies with Arabic subtitles and language is also available. Please do visit our vast collection online: Online Shopping

Online shopping or e-shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. There are B2C and B2B online shopping where B2C directly deals with the end users and B2B is business related shopping.

E-commerce is currently booming rapidly and the maximum shoppers are in USA. As per reports, shoppers have spent more than $262 Billion in 2013. The top portals include,, etc.

E-commerce is still in a nascent stage in the GCC. Reports expect shoppers to spend more than $15 Billion by 2015. Travel leads in E-commerce in the region. Most people tend to compare electronic items in different portals to find the least price before making an actual purchase online.

Customers can now place an order online and wait for the delivery without roaming in Malls or supermarkets. With the click of your mouse, you can ensure that the product is delivered at your door step. Most of the online shopping websites provide Free delivery and Cash on Delivery where you can actually pay the amount once you receive the product. Most customers are not happy using their credit cards online and they prefer to use Cash on Delivery payment option.

Saudi Arabia leads the internet usage and then UAE. is the Largest Megastore in the MENA region. We cater to the customers in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Worldwide. We ensure to deliver the products on time to the customers so that they have a pleasant online shopping experience. All Electronic products are covered with one year warranty from and we provide all major payment options for the customers.

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Dubai Autodrome Vouchers at

The 5.39km Dubai Autodrome circuit is one of the most modern in the world; it is also one of the most challenging, as it has a combination of high-speed straights and technical corners. The venue is part of the Union Properties Motorcity development in the greater Dubailand area. The circuit, which contains six different configurations, is designed to allow three racing circuits to operate simultaneously, safely and independently from each other. The result presents circuit users with unparalleled options.

The circuit was designed to meet the strictest safety requirements and is the first FIA-sanctioned circuit to incorporate wide asphalt run-off areas. The digital surveillance system provides complete coverage of all areas of the track and is linked to the Race/Safety control room for monitoring and saving on hard disk recorders.
The track experiences combine classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction and are designed to give in-depth exposure to the latest in safety and race driving techniques. Hence the slogan: Experience it!
You can also experience or gift it to your loved ones. Now you can purchase the same from We provide the vouchers where you can directly redeem them at Dubai Autodrome. Various payment options including Cash on Delivery, Card on Delivery, Credit Cards & PayPal are available online.

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Trash Pack

Trash Pack Toys in

The Trash Pack are one of the most popular toys of 2012 and are little collectable figurines that “belong in your Garbage”!. Series 1 was the first Trash Pack series and has 166 characters. the cans were florescent green and glowed in the dark, and some were Translucent.Series 1 . Series 2 was the second series of Trash Pack. There were 169 trashies in the Series.It was released in February 2012. Series 3 was the third and most successful series with 166 characters. This Time there was 5 Limited Editions instead of 3 like in the previous series, however there is only 250 rarest trashie, Grimy Gold instead of 1000. The cans are a darkish blue and slightly larger than the series 1 cans. Series 4 Series 4 is the fourth series.It has more trashies than ever! This time instead of trash can there are Wheelie Bins. Like Series 3 there are 5 limited editions( which are based on animal bones) but unlike the other Limited Editions they Glow in the Dark. The wheelie bins are a red colour. The special packs are Liquid Ooze packs, just like the previous series.

Buy Trash Pack Series 4 from

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Apple TV

Unlocked Apple TV Online at

Apple TV with 1080p HD gives you access to the best content — blockbuster movies, sports, your music and photos, and more — right on your widescreen TV. You can even play content from your iOS devices on your TV using AirPlay. You’ll find everything you want to watch on Apple TV. From blockbuster movies to your favorite sport. Not to mention your own photos, videos, and music. And with all-new channels, it just keeps getting better.

Enjoy access to movies and more from the iTunes Store right on your HDTV. Many HD movies feature Dolby Digital 5.13 and are often available the same day they come out on DVD. Fill your room with the music you love. Just click Music to play all your songs and albums. If you’re an iTunes Matchsubscriber, you can access your entire music collection without a computer. And add new songs to your collection — across all your devices — by purchasing from the iTunes Store. AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your iOS device to your HDTV and speakers via Apple TV. Or mirror exactly what’s on your display to the big screen. Vacation photos, blockbusters, the latest games — AirPlay and Apple TV put it all on your TV.

Show off your photos, videos, and more on your HDTV.

You have friends over and you want to share great photos or the perfect party mix that’s on your iPhone. Or you’re in the middle of an epic action movie on your iPad that could use a little more screen. That’s where AirPlay comes in. Just connect your device and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network, and the AirPlay icon automatically appears. Then tap the AirPlay icon in a specific app — Photos, Videos, Music, Safari, or any AirPlay-enabled app — and everything streams to your HDTV via your Apple TV.1 It’s a simple way to play your stuff on the biggest screen and the best sound system in the house.

What you see is what you show.

AirPlay Mirroring lets you show exactly what’s on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch screen to everyone in the room.2 Show web pages, games, photos, videos, spreadsheets, class material, and more on your HDTV via Apple TV. Zoom in and out and pause for applause. Rotate from portrait to landscape and your audience sees that, too. AirPlay does it all wirelessly, so you can work the room or sit comfortably among the crowd. If you see it, so can they.
Turn your iOS device into the ultimate controller.

Take control on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch while the action unfolds on your widescreen TV.3 Patrol the air while commanding the cockpit from your couch. Browse the latest in interior design ideas and save your favorites on your iPhone or iPad. With AirPlay, your TV displays talents it never knew it had.

Place your order online at

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Apple iPad Mini With Retina Display

The new iPad mini 2 (or iPad mini with Retina display, if you want to give it Apple’s elongated title) is the next step in the smaller tablet wars – and with Google and Amazon stepping up their respective games, the Cupertino brand needed something that hit back with strength.
However, even with that landscape, we were still surprised when Apple announced the iPad mini 2 on stage, coming with things like the A7 chip under the hood and a 128GB iteration to satisfy those that crave a lot of HD action.

On top of that, there’s the much-needed Retina screen (as the name might have told you) and an improvement in battery size to help power those pixels more effectively.
However, there’s the big issue of price, which Apple has had to balance carefully over recent years.

The iPad mini 2 is an excellent device. There’s no other way to look at it. We were pretty impressed with the original mini a year ago, but bemoaned the low-res screen and under-powered chipset powering things along.
So we fully expected the iPad mini 2 to be another sidekick to a bigger brother, and with the iPad Air showing itself to be the best tablet on the market, we fully thought we’d be getting a smaller iPad with a Retina screen and an A6 chip – so the decision to make the tablet 64-bit enabled with the latest A7 CPU is a really great thing to see.
It takes an already well made device and adds in so much more: the aluminum finish no longer feels like a deflection from the fact the iPad mini doesn’t have the engine to compete with its Snapdragon-powered rivals.

M7 Chip

The addition of the M7 chip in the iPad mini 2 seems on the surface to be a little redundant, given you won’t be doing much in the way of exercise with the mini strapped to your arm.
However, there are journal-style apps coming out that will use information on where you’ve been and the weather at the time – tiny tasks that don’t need the help of the larger chip.

Link :,-tablets-and-e-readers/tablets/apple-tablets.html

iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 – Waiting for the Launch

The new iPhone could be one of the most pivotal devices in the Cupertino brand’s history – with the the iPhone 5S andiPhone 5C simple updates to previous models, there’s a lot of pressure heaped on the iPhone 6.
As per usual, the internet is awash with rumor, speculation and downright lies over this next-generation handset, which is why we spend our time trawling through each nugget of info, debating its merits and curating it into this easy-to-read hub for all things iPhone 6.
According to a survey of 4109 US consumers the iPhone 6 is the most anticipated Apple smartphone ever, with interest easily outstripping that of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5.

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) released, we now know what the big competition is doing this year, too, and what Apple has to compete against.
With the other big launches out of the way, the rumours are now all about Apple’s latest smartphone. They’re coming in thick and fast, so we’re updating this article regularly to keep you up-to-date. We’re also doing out best to filter out the rubbish, getting rid of the leaks, rumours and photos that are obviously fake. As we get ever-close to the launch date, the rumours will increase and we’ll get a better idea of what to expect.
Typically, Apple uses the same design for a product for two iterations, before bringing out something new. As we’ve had the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, it makes sense for Apple to go for something different for the iPhone 6.
Rumour has it that the iPhone 6 is taking design cues from the iPod Nano and iPhone 5C.

Rumours published on the Japanese blog Macotakara stated that Apple wants to replicate the multiple colours of the iPhone 5C, giving people a choice for their new phone.
The iPhone 5C was made of plastic, which wouldn’t seem like the right move for a high-end smartphone; Apple seems to agree and is also looking to the construction of the iPod Nano. This product comes in multiple colours, too, but uses anodised aluminium body to provide the colour.

With a metal body, Apple will then take some of the design cues from the iPhone 5C, including the curved edges, and the same speaker and microphone holes in the bottom of the handset.
Allegedly, the phone would be just 7mm thick. At this size, the current camera would protrude from the back of the phone. Apple may make the phone thicker to compensate or, by the time the phone is released, have a smaller camera module.

These rumours seem to be been proven as true, if the latest leaked photos are to be believed. The iPhone 6 allegedly snapped in the Foxconn factory shows a new curvier design. Rather than the harsh edges of the iPhone 5S, the smooth, curved sides are definitely closer to the iPhone 5C and iPod Nano.
There’s nothing for scale in the photo, so we can’t tell how big the phone is, although it’s pretty much accepted that the new iPhone will have a bigger screen.
It’s possible that iPhone 6 will have a relocated power button. A Chinese case manufacturer had pictures of its iPhone 6 product posted on, showed that while the volume and mute switches will stay on the side, the power button would move to the right-hand side of the case instead.
There are several reasons why this might be the case, but the main one is size. As the iPhone 6 is going to be larger than existing models, the power button may simply be more comfortable to operate one-handed if it’s placed on the side, rather than the top of the handset.
Of course, all case leaks have to be treated with a healthy sense of scepticism. Often, case manufacturers will prototype lots of different models based on rumours, so that they can get rolling as soon as the official specs have been released. It’s important to note, though, that Apple doesn’t share advanced specs with case manufacturers, so everything pictured here is purely speculation.


The one thing that everyone seems to be able to agree on is that the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen than any other iOS smartphone before it. There’s a definite market for large-screen phones, as we’ve seen start with the big Android phones of 2013 including HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, and Samsung Galaxy S4, continuing with these releases. With the current iPhone having only a 4in screen, it makes sense for Apple to step up.
The question that has to be answered is, how big will the screen be? Early rumours suggested that there would be a 4.7in screen, but soon rumours appeared saying that it would be available in two screen sizes.


The short version is that nobody really knows when the iPhone 6 is coming out. Everyone has a guess, but it’s usually wrong. In other words, Apple releases a product when it’s good and ready.
Typically, Apple releases a new iPhone once a year, around September. This time around, the rumours are that Apple is breaking that cycle. As the iPhone 6 is largely a complimentary product to the iPhone 5S, giving people a choice of screen sizes, the argument is that Apple will release the new smartphone soon.
So far, we’ve seen May, June and July all rumoured for a launch date. The information comes from a wide variety of conflicting sources, so none of these feels right.
In GT Advanced’s earnings report, it’s clearly stated that the company expects to earn the vast majority of its money in the second half of the year. That means, from July, GT Advanced will be producing sapphire glass that will have to be shipped to China to be used with the iPhone 6 production line. That would seem to suggest that the iPhone 6 will be released in September, one year after the iPhone 5S.
It’s hard to argue with those kinds of figures, but we’ll bring you more information as we have it.


For the iPhone 5S Apple upped the physical size of its 8-megapixel sensor, meaning that each pixel gets more light. In addition, it upgraded the lens from an f/2.4 model to an f/2.2 model, increasing low-light performance again. Combined with the A7 SoC, the camera has a couple of neat modes, including a 10fps burst mode that goes on until the phone’s memory is full, and a 120fps slow-motion mode.
It would make sense if Apple was to use this sensor in the iPhone 6, although, given it’s a bigger phone, with more room inside for components, it could well up the pixel count, with a 12- or 13-megapixel on the cards.
Apple may also be considering going in a completely different direction, particularly if a new patent is to be used. This suggests that the iPhone 6 could get a refocus-able lightfield camera.

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T3 Magazine

T3 Magazine Write Up on

T3 Magazine has done a write up on All the Old and Latest movies are available in DVD, Blu-ray & 3D Blu-ray online at The prices are competitive and delivery is Free in UAE. We ensure to dispatch the products in 24 Hours so that the customers can see the movies on time.

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RayBan Sunglasses Online at

Ray-Ban is an brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses founded in 1937. The brand is best known for their Wayfarer and Aviator styles of sunglasses. Throughout its seven-and-a-half decades, Ray-Ban has been instrumental in pushing boundaries in music and the arts, forging the rise of celebrity culture, and creating the power of the rock and movie stars to influence fashion.

From James Dean to Audrey Hepburn to Michael Jackson, Ray-Ban has proven indispensible for cultural icons who don’t want to be seen – but definitely want to be noticed. Ray-Ban has left an indelible mark on culture history.

Ray-Ban is now available online at at awesome prices.

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Interview with Founder

Aido is an online shop for entertainment and lifestyle with a wide range of movies on DVD and Blu-ray in the Middle East. Also offered is a wide selection of games, books, accessories, gifts & novelties and gadgets. In April 2012, launched a Digital Games Download service offering a unique service to customers who like to play the latest and advanced games on their PCs and Macs.

The idea behind originated in 2008 by Founder Sanjay Amarnani and current CEO Pavan Amarnani. Most retail stores had drastically cut down their range of movies faced by the pressures of maintaining inventory thus focusing their business mainly on new releases. They realized a great demand for older movies – classics, bestsellers, sagas, prequels and even the renowned IMDB Top 250 movies that were hard to find in retail stores. Over the years, a lot of effort has also been put into enabling customers to buy movies based on actors, directors, the studio that made them, the comics that they’re based on and much more.

“We’ve received a great response from our customers for our new website design that went live in January. The design has made it so much easier for potential customers to discover products they’d like to purchase. With more adept and flexible back-end systems coming into play, we’re placed perfectly to take advantage of the e-commerce boom in the Middle East and most importantly to provide a good e-commerce experience,” says Pavan. Speed of delivery is a vital factor that contributes to the online shopping experience. In order to meet customer expectations, they actually stock inventory of products they list on their site; this is different from a lot of websites that procure products after registering a sale that results in a delay in getting the product to the customer. “Today, we have more than 12 Million products that we can deliver to customers all over the world in a matter of 1-5 days,” says Pavan.

“The vision for is to be the destination for customers to get anything related to entertainment and media and expand thereon. We are aggressively expanding our product range and working in conjunction with consumer electronics companies to provide the largest range at competitive prices and compelling services that include fast delivery and manufacturer warranty,”

More than 40% of their customers go back and purchase from every month. To make online shopping more convenient, they started a Cash on Delivery payment option limited to the UAE and deliver orders the same day.
“At AIDO we are extremely passionate about the products we sell. We also enjoy interacting with our customers and having down-to-the-minutest-detail conversations about products and latest trends on our blogs and social media pages. That’s why we call ourselves AIDO: All I Do Online – Watch, Play, Shop, Share!” concludes Pavan.

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iTunes Card

US iTunes Cards

iTunes Gift Cards are easy to use. It’s easy to send iTunes Gifts for any occasion. Because you can buy them on from your iOS device or computer. We provide different denominations including $10, $15, $25, $50 & $100 which can be used in US iTune Store only. You can purchase movies, songs, Apps, Games, Books and many more.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards

From your computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, just follow the simple redemption instructions. Once the coupon codes are entered, you can make purchases in Apple store.

Aido Videos is the Online Megastore of the Middle East. Shop our website for books, DVD and Blu-ray movies, PS3 and Xbox games, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, mobile accessories, toys, headphones, MP3 players, game consoles and accessories and a wide range of product across categories available at best prices.

Explore products from your favorite brands including Apple, Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Merlin, Jawbone, Belkin, HTC and Amazon Kindle. Buy licensed products of popular characters, brands and franchises like Barbie, Batman, Star Wars, LEGO, Disney, Angry Birds, WWE, Simpsons, Freej and we will deliver your orders to your doorstep.
Pay by Credit Card on our secure site or pay Cash on Delivery. You can even choose to pay in 3 to 6 month installments.

All our electronics are covered by a 1 Year Warranty and all cancellations, replacements, returns and refunds are handled hassle-free by our customer service team. – Your Online Megastore – making your shopping experience simple, secure and fun.

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How e-commerce stores are undercutting offline retailers in the UAE [Infographic]

ower prices are one of the major factors that encourage consumers to shop online, according to a new infographic by price comparison site Pricena.

According to PayPal’s recent e-commerce report, 18% of shoppers prefer shopping online thanks to lower prices. According to Pricena, 84% of those online shoppers chose the first three cheapest stores, with the majority (51%) going directly to the cheapest one. When reading through price comparisons, only 2% percent of consumers even look beyond those three cheap stores.

This could mean that online stores with higher prices will lose out, even though PayPal’s report has shown that customers are not only looking for lower prices when shopping online, but for convenience (26%) and product variety (15%).

What do customers want?

Basing on the most-searched keywords on Pricena, the infographic reveals that electronics is the most popular category for online shoppers in the UAE. Online stores such as and JadoPado are going head to head against big offline electronic retailers, but according to this data, they’re often able to offer goods for much less; for example, the price differential between the cheapest online store and offline for cameras is AED 612. In time, this gap might shrink, as competition forces the retail price down, or as more offline stores go online.

To find out more about how online shoppers are comparing prices, click on the infographic below for a bigger picture.


Stuff Magazine Retailer Review:

Elsewhere in the world, tapping your credit card details into your web browser is an incredibly convenient way to get your gadgets, with sites like Amazon, eBay and other online stores doing just as well as their high-street counterparts. But in this region, online retailers are at a disadvantage. Why? Because for some reason people don’t want, or trust, using their card to buy gadgets online. Maybe it’s the region’s lackluster customer support, or distrust in online retailers altogether, but those of us in the UAE don’t buy gadgets online. Fact.

Which is why, when one of our Stuff staffers dropped his iPhone down the stairs, we thought it high time to see what all the fuss (or lack thereof) was about. We chose, which we’d only heard of recently, to be our testbed.

First impressions: we were impressed with the amount of stuff available on the store. Everything from gadgets and games, to Blu-ray, quirky gifts and books were to be had, and we’ve definitely bookmarked it for the future. It’s worth noting that most online retailers in the UAE stock products from around the world (including many products not available in retail stores) which is both good and bad. The good – it means you can get your greasy mits on gadgets that have just launched in the US and UK sometimes months before the rest of the UAE. The bad – you’re not going to get much warranty or support from Austria if you need it.

The iPhone 4S is pretty prominently displayed, being at the top of’s bestsellers list, so we went and clicked that. We saw a quick summary of the product, then added it to our cart. So far, so easy.

(It’s worth noting that many of these sites have products for sale up to Dhs100 more than those same gadgets available in retail stores. We’re not sure why, be it the cost of shipping these products into the region or simply to cover the costs of your free delivery. The iPhone 4S was just Dhs51 more than Apple‘s official price in the region).

When we were ready (after checking out a few cases for our brand new iDevice) we went to check out. Again, if you’ve ever sprung for anything online before, it’s pretty self explanatory. Fill in your details, address, PO.Box and the rest, and you’re good to go.

To put possible buyers at ease, also includes a ‘Cash on Delivery’ option when it comes to paying. Handy, if you don’t have (or want) a credit card. We clicked the pay in cash option, and sent our order off to the internet gadget fairies.

Not 30 minutes later, we had a call from the website confirming our order (also handy if your kids try and order gadgets for you) asking when and where it could be delivered. The earliest slot was that afternoon, so we twiddled our thumbs for a few hours before it arrived.

We had a bit of a breakdown in communication with the driver (we don’t speak very good Urdu, you see) but eventually a nicely bagged package arrived with our name on it. We checked what was inside (yup, that’s an iPhone 4S) and paid the driver. Job done!

From our first experience with a UAE-based online retailer, it couldn’t have gone smoother, really. In fact, some of the team even remarked that it was quicker than most online retailers in the UK and the US. Of course, it’s not nearly as fast as jumping in your car and driving to a mall, but then that’s kind of the point when it comes to online stores like AIDO.

It was simple, easy and efficient. Just how we like our gadget stores to be.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 7.36.36 PM

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